The Italian Ice-Cream


There is a particular food in the world that bound all of us. It is  creamy, sweet and fresh, perfect for summer season.. the ice-cream!

A succesful invention

Italy is the mother of this famous delight, it is called gelato and it  became famous for the first time in France: Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a Sicilian cook, moved to Paris and opened the Procope Café (which still exist today!). The Procope boasted a lot of regulars and some of them were actors and intellectuals.

However, in Italy ice-cream mass production started in Turin at the end of the XIX Century. Pepino was the first ice-cream parlor in the city who became popular. Whereas in Veneto the ice-cream maker Italo Marchioni contributed to expand the Italian ice-cream celebrity with an incredible invention: a cone wafer which contained the ice-cream, making it not only more delicious, but a real icon!

Ice-cream variety

You can find different type of this dessert:

  • the hand-made gelato, whose principal ingredients are fresh milk and cream.
  • The sorbet, another hand-made ice-cream made from sweetened water with flavoring.
  • The ice-cream bars, which is packaged and you can buy it at the grocery store or at the bar, indeed.

The latter became famous in 1948. The milk-flavored Mottarello, the first ice-cream on a stick! but the real star was born afterwards, in the 50s: the unique Cornetto, the industrial version of the gelato with cone wafer.

Where to find the best Italian ice-cream

It is time to be more concrete, and that is why we want to indicate you all the best ice-cream shops in our top summer destinations! Let’s see it together:

Lake Como

  • Como: Gelateria Cavour, Piazza Cavour;
  • Bellagio: Gelateria del Borgo, Via Garibaldi 46.

Lake Maggiore

  • Stresa: Riva Est, Via Principessa Margherita 4;
  • Stresa: L’Angolo del Gelato, Piazza Cadorna.

Garda Lake

  • Peschiera del Garda: La Gelateria HomeMade, Via Rocca 4;
  • Garda: Gelateria al Borgo, Piazzale Roma.

Genoa and Riviera

  • Genoa: U gelatu du carruggiu, Via San Bernardo 19;
  • Riomaggiore: Gelateria Centrale Di Germani E Giaccio, Via San Giacomo 105;
  • Monterosso: Gelateria La Scogliera, Via Fegina 20.


  • Cagliari: Gli Stefini, Via Dettori 30.

Amalfi Coast

  • Amalfi: Pasticceria Savoia, Via Matteo Camera 2.
  • Capri: Buonocore Gelateria, Via Vittorio Emanuele 35.


Happy Summer Holidays!