Italy and Coronavirus – Current situation and DONATIONS

The coronavirus emergency is keeping Italy, Europe and many other Countries in check. Social distancing and the lock-down are being is having a huge impact on our economies, but this is must-do at the moment, and we are proud to contribute for the general health of the population. The majority of us all, could hardly estimate the size of this in advance.

Our activities and business are physically stopped (like many other companies), but we as proud captains, do not abandon the ship. On the contrary – on these moments we are getting aware of how fast Nature is “reconquering” places spoiled by humans.

The artistic and natural Italian heritage is not affected by the coronavirus, it is probably teaching us strong and valuable it is, compared to mankind – it will be here, ready to be visited, discovered and probably even more loved than before. We will appreciate the gifts of our ancestors, the gifts of Nature, not taking them for granted, and this will be astonishing.

Every deep crisis leaves a story, a narrative that points far into the future. One of the strongest images left by the corona virus are of the Italians making music on the balconies. The second image was sent to us by satellite images that suddenly showed the industrial areas of China and Italy free of smog. In 2020, human CO2 emissions will drop for the first time. That very fact will do something to us.


Our community is being hit very heavily in number of human losses, positive cases and lacking in specific devices such as masks, respirators and critical care/intense care stations. Hospitals are asking us to participate with immediate and concrete help. We as a company donated a percentage of our corporate income of 2019, with the awareness and concern this 2020 will not be a great year for tourism in Italy , of course – we are now facing something bigger than anything else in modern history. We, and you, dear clients, are called to write our history from now on.

Here as follow is a list of selected, controlled and secure active campaigns, they are all raising  funds for hospitals. No middlemen – collected money is straight to the hospitals:

This article (translated in English) tells us many ways we can all support the Italian Hospitals: link.

If you love Italy, like us all, please consider supporting us, your help will not be forgotten!

Thank you!

Italy Discovery Team