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The Italian Ice-Cream

There is a particular food in the world that bound all of us. It is  creamy, sweet and fresh, perfect for summer season.. the ice-cream! A succesful invention Italy is the mother of this famous delight, it is called gelato and it  became famous for the first time in France: Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, a...
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Culurgiones: the typical Sardinian Food specialty

If you are planning to visit Sardinia you cannot miss a plate of home-made Culurgiones! Culurgiones, Culurgionis, Culurzones, Culunjonis – the name can change in relation to the particular area of the island – are a traditional stuffed pasta, which dates back probably to the XIX Century when this kind of food was a simple...
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Langhe and Barolo Wine Tour

10K Bottles Wine Blog Partnership

In November 2018 we had the honor and chance to work together with Heather Lipp from 10 KBottles Wine Blog for a few wine tasting tours in Italy and Barolo masterclass. Heather is a very enthusiastic knowledgeable professionist, she writes excellent reviews about many wines from anywhere in the World with a personal touch and...
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