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Cagliari, panoramic view from the sea

Fortification wall protecting the upper city, built in the 19th Century

Saint Remy Bastion

'Castello' upper city of Cagliari

The Cagliari Cathedral - dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Saint Cecilia

built in Pisan-Romanesque style in the 13th Century

a view of Cagliari north-east area, from the bastion

Su Nuraxi near the town of Barumini

in the UNESCO of World Heritage Sites, it is dated century 17th BCE

the panoramic view of Barumini and 'Su Nuraxi' archeological site

another view of the 'Nuraghe' - Barumini

the ruins of the village built around the nuraghe

built in Late Bronze Era, it was composed by fifty huts, in circle

some of the recent excavations

a view inside of the nuraghe, entirely open to guided tours


Private Driver
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Cagliari mini-tour
‘Su Nuraxi’ Archaeological Site
Tour Description

Welcome to one of the most ancient cities of the Mediterranean sea, Cagliari – also known as ‘Casteddu’ in Sardinian language. It has been ruled by several civilizations with the ruins of settlement over the course of some five thousand years, from the Neolithic to today. The city is located in the southern part of the island of Sardinia, facing south directly on the Mediterranean sea, surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches and coasts of the world, it has been appreciated by famous artists such as D.H. Lawerence, amongst the others.

If you are spending your holidays in Cagliari or in one of the nearby locations, you can discover the beauty of the historical city centre together with a deep insight into the Nuragic Civilization, visiting one of the most representative sites of all the island, ‘Su Nuraxi’Barumini Nuraghe.
The itinerary of your private tour begins with your private driver collecting you from your hotel, cruise-port or airport in Cagliari.

The first part of the tour is dedicated to a mini-city-tour of the essentials of the City. Your first key-point will be the sea-front main alley ‘Via Roma‘ with its charming buildings including the city hall palace. After this, you will visit the artistic neighbourhood of ‘La Marina’ , passing by one of the symbols of the city: ‘The Saint Remy Bastion’ – an impressive fortification wall built at the end of 19th century by the viceroy Filippo-Guglielmo Pallavicini. At the base of the bastion you will find one of the most elegant shopping area with the recently renovated ‘Via Garibaldi’ street. Here you can enjoy some free time for a coffee-break or some local-store shopping. From there, your driver will take you to the upper city, the so called ‘Castello’ (Castle) neighbourhood, where you can admire the beauty of a maze-like structure of small and narrow streets surrounded by close-by charming ancient buildings, leading to the main square ‘Piazza Palazzo’ , discovering two of the most important buildings of the city: The Cathedral and the Viceroy Palace, in the past, headquarters of both the religious and civil power.

The second part of the tour will be dedicated to the Nuragic Civilization. After 1hr drive to Barumini, in the Cagliari’s countryside, you will arrive to the fascinating archaeological site of ‘Su Nuraxi’ – meaning ‘The Nuraghe’ in Sardinian Language. The impressive buildings and ruins are dated back to the 17th Centur BCE – completed with a surrounding village of huts, in the Late Bronze Age. During the 6th century BCE, most of the buildings were destroyed and subsequently restored by Carthage before being occupied by the Romans. Nowadays it is one of the symbols of Sardinia and its distinctive culture, the Nuragic civilization. More than 7000 nuraghi have been found, though archaeologists believe that many more are yet to be discovered.
At the archaeological site, you will start a guided visit of the ‘nuraghe’ and the surrounding buildings together with a licensed guide, you will learn in details about the history of this milestone of the Sardinian history.

The tour will conclude with a transfer back to your hotel, or to the city centre, where you can continue visiting this warm and vibrant city.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION You can decide your most convenient location
DEPARTURE TIME Suggested departure from 08:00am to 09:30am
Private Driver
Licensed Private Guide
Su Nuraxi – Entrance tickets
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You can customize your tour according to your needs and preferences, our staff would be happy to inform you about different options, alternative routes and sites.


Check-in and Start

Your private guides meets you at your hotel, at the port or airport, according to your convenience.

Sea Front Tour

Driving by ‘via Roma’

La Marina

one of the oldest neighbourhood of the city

Saint Remy Bastion

The 19th Century majestic fortification


Visit of the upper city: the Cathedral and the Viceroy palace

Barumini Archaeological Site

Discover the beauty and fascinating history of the Nuragic Civilization

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